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Some of the Pioneer JOAD staff members are certified by USA Archery to conduct one-on-one coaching activities at the Pioneer facility.  If you would like private coaching from Frank, Christy, or Shane, contact them directly to discuss cost and availability. Pioneer JOAD staff members will not privately coach archers who are affiliated with other clubs or teams.


Video Coaching is a process by which we record the archer’s shot process from six different views to discover ways to improve the archer’s shot. By looking at the archer from Front, Draw Side, Back, Anchor, Bow Hand and from above we can see exactly what the archer is doing. The video session usually takes 15-20 minutes.

After the video session, Coach Frank and the archer will review the video to see exactly what the archer is doing and Coach Frank will make recommendations for improving the shot process. After the video review, Coach Frank will send an email to the archer of what improvements to make, which techniques to use to improve the shot process and when to implement the changes to the shot process. The review process takes between 40 to 45 minutes.

You can schedule an appointment with Coach Frank by calling 
603-818-4874 or sending an email to Coach Frank.

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