Monday training runs from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Monday training is for new archers

Wednesday training runs from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Wednesday training is for Tournament Team archers,​ or those invited to train with the Tournament Team by invitation

Outdoor Season 2021
​         Monday JOAD Session Dates:

        12 Jul - 16 Aug

         Wednesday JOAD Session Dates:
        14 Jul - 18 Aug

Indoor Season 2021-2022
         Monday JOAD Session Dates:
13 Sep - 18 Oct
       08 Nov - 13 Dec
       03 Jan - 14 Feb
       14 Mar - 25 Apr

        Wednesday JOAD Session Dates:
15 Sep - 20 Oct
        10 Nov - 15 Dec
​        05 Jan - 16 Feb
​        16 Mar - 27 Apr

The last week of each session is a Pin Shoot.

Please note that there is a one or two week break between each 7-week session.
The cost of the 7-week session is $70 for 1 child, $130 for 2 children and $180 for 3 children, payable by cash or check at the first meeting.

If you are already a member of our JOAD program, you are automatically registered for each session.  

New Members start on the first week of each Monday Session.

If you would like to join New Hampshire's most successful archery club, or visit us to see if we can help you make your archery aspirations become a reality, please email Coach Christy for more information.