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Christy Schackart - Club Director

Christy is a Level 3-NTS Coach, and has been shooting tournament archery for 15 years, both Olympic Recurve and Barebow.  Christy was the silver medalist for her division at the 2014, 2016, and 2017 Indoor Nationals, and the gold medalist at the 2015 Indoor Nationals.  Along with Christy's duties as club director, she is the club's secretary, treasurer, equipment specialist, arrow expert, and string maker.  Christy is also a certified elementary school teacher.

Frank Schackart - Head Coach

Frank is a Level 4-NTS Coach, with 15 years experience as a tournament archer and 13 years as an instructor/coach. As Pioneer JOAD's Head Coach, Frank has participated in several high-performance coaching seminars, and is always developing new training and coaching methods to bring out the very best in the Pioneer JOAD archers. When not on the archery range, Frank works his day job as an aerospace engineer.  Frank has over 30 years experience as a corporate trainer.


Shane Caron - Compound Coach

Mr. Shane currently is a Level-3 NTS Coach and has been a competitive compound archer for 5 years, but an avid compound bow hunter is whole life.  As of April 2019, Mr. Shane earned his Silver Olympic Indoor pin.  Mr. Shane’s love of his daughter, who is also a Pioneer JOAD competitor, and archery led him down the path to volunteer his time to instruct the JOAD archers through the USA Archery program with the Pioneer team. Mr. Shane is also the club's resident handy man and built the outdoor target stands that are at the Pioneer location in Dunbarton, NH.    

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