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  • We train both beginner archers and experienced archers.


  • Our training is geared towards both tournament archers and recreational archers. 

  • Not every Pioneer JOAD archer competes in tournaments, but our training philosophy is to train all of our archers as though they are preparing for competition.


  • We train using a predictable, regimented routine designed to bring out the best performance of our archers.  

  • Young archers and new archers thrive in our environment, which sets a level of performance expectation that is challenging yet achievable.

  • Every training session is planned, and designed to build upon the previous training session, as well as laying the foundation for future training sessions.

  • Our training sessions are customized to deliver the drills and activities needed for the next tournament or upcoming event.

  • We use the most successful training methods available.  Our archers benefit from the best practices introduced by national-level elite coaches.

  • We provide training that emphasizes QUALITY over QUANTITY.  We limit the numbers of archers in our club to ensure the coach-to-student ratio is low enough to allow each student to receive personalized attention.  

  • All of our coaches are certified NTS Level 4 or Level 3. We are the only club in the New England region to have two Level 4-NTS coaches on staff.

  • New staff members join our team only after a rigorous vetting process, to ensure every staff member performs their coaching duties in accordance with the highest standards.

  • Each coach works with every archer and knows his or her strengths and improvement areas.

Support for Archers 

  • We provide group training, private coaching, equipment advice and procurement, arrow repair and maintenance services, and custom string fabrication. 

  • Since we are non-profit organization, our focus is dedicated to ensuring the archer's equipment is right for the archer, and fits within the parents' budget. Neither the club nor the Pioneer JOAD staff receive any profit from equipment sales.  

Support for Parents 

  • We consider the parents a vital component of the Pioneer JOAD team.  We keep our parents informed and involved in all aspects of our training.  

  • We realize the parents want the best for their archers, and we strive to help each archer become the best they can be.  

  • We form a partnership with both the parent and the archer and create an environment that results in the archer reaching their highest potential.


Please be aware that not all archery clubs are created equal. Before joining a club, do your archer a favor and visit ALL the clubs in your area before making your decision about which club to join.

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