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New to archery?  This page is for you!

Getting Started and Lessons

It is recommended to try archery first to see if you are interested, as lessons and equipment can be costly. We provide you with all equipment needed to get started in this great sport.  

We periodically provide 4-week group lessons on Mondays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Everyone age 10 and above are welcome.  Children under 10 can be allowed to join the class, but have to be evaluated during their free lesson to ensure the class is a good fit for them.  

All lessons are taught by USA Archery certified coaches Frank Schackart and Christy Schackart.  Frank is Pioneer JOAD's head coach, and Christy is also a coach as well as Pioneer JOAD's equipment expert.

Upcoming sessions:

Presently, there are no sessions scheduled.

We encourage you to visit our JOAD club on any Monday, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Our training sessions can be found here.

Our JOAD Program

We recommend all new archers take lessons prior to joining the Pioneer JOAD Archery Club.  Once you have the basic techniques and skills accomplished, you will be ready to join the club.  

The club is for archers ages 8-20.  Sessions run for 7 weeks, with six sessions being held throughout the year.  There is a one or two week break between each session. New members start on the first week of each Monday session.

For information about our training sessions, click here.

To find out what makes the Pioneer JOAD Archery Club different from all other clubs in New England, click here.

For information about the USA Archery JOAD program, click here.

To see our FAQ, click here.

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