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What is the Pioneer JOAD Archery Club Tournament Team?

The Pioneer JOAD Tournament Team is comprised of our best archers who have consistently demonstrated the skills, attitude, and performance to compete in the regional and national tournaments.  

The tournament team is an exclusive invitation-only club, the spots being reserved for our most dedicated archers.

Requirements for Invitation to Tournament Team
The following is a list of the qualities taken into consideration if an archer desires to work and train with the Pioneer JOAD Tournament Team:

  • Commitment to compete in tournaments

  • Demonstrate good listening skills

  • Demonstrate good attitude towards training and other team members

  • Consistently score above 200pts with a 40cm target at 18 meters (recurve)

  • Consistently score above 180pts with a 40cm target at 18 meters (barebow)

  • Must be 10 years of age or older

  • Available on Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Demonstrate proficiency with double scoring

  • There must be a slot available on the Tournament Team

Note: Invitation to the tournament team and continued participation with the tournament team is solely at the discretion of Coach Christy and Coach Frank.

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